You are back from your vacation and you feel refreshed and relaxed. But what about your skin? Does it have the same feeling?

Definitely not!

Treat me well is here to give you the ultimate guide to restore hydration and radiance to your skin.

Leave the suitcases aside (you can deal with them later!)

  • Fill your bathtub and enjoy a playful bath bomb. The Treat Me Well bath bombs are made out of natural ingredients and are extra hydrating while their fragrances release your senses and create a deep feeling of relaxation.
  • The next step is body exfoliation. The secret in order to help your skin absorb any ingredient is a proper body exfoliation. (We have mentioned in the past the steps of a proper body exfoliation and you can find the full guide here).
    Start the exfoliation with the appropriate soap. Our best seller mango soap will nicely exfoliate your skin without causing any irritation.
  • But if you want to enhance its action, proceed with massaging your body with the WOMAN ANTI-CELLULITE sponge or with a natural loofah sponge.
  • Our soaps are highly moisturizing so your skin will not feel the need for a moisturizing product, but if you decide use one anyway, we suggest you use a lightweight moisturizer with natural ingredients.

And just like that you can restore hydration and radiance to your body.
But what about your face skin?

  • The secret here is a proper cleansing. Start washing your face with a soap bar which will not cause any irritations or make your face feel tight, like the common soaps do. You can find one of these soap bars in Treat Me well. Our grapefruit soap bar will effectively cleanse any dirt or dust and will leave your skin brighter thanks to our key ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.
  • Proceed with the exfoliation of your face. Create some foam with our peach soap bar and let the tiny little grains of its core to tickle your skin and restore its softness.
  • If you want to enhance the exfoliation you can proceed massaging your face with a natural facial sponge. Always use a natural sponge on your face to prevent any infections.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to apply a face serum and enhance its action with a face roller. Ideally, keep the roller in the refrigerator for an extra feeling of coolness and rejuvenation.

Now you have the energy to unpack all the luggage that is waiting “menacingly” in the corner of the room!