TREAT ME WELL Anti-cellulite sponge was designed exceptionally for women

Its surface removes easily and effectively the dead cells from the skin and increases the blood flow leaving you with a revitalizing sensation. That way it assists with cellulite treatment and treats your skin with tenderly

The unique composition allows the sponge to soften as soon as it gets in contact with hot water. In addition, its ergonomic design and shape makes it fit perfectly in a female palm while ensures greater enjoyment, hygiene and ease of use.

The killer product design makes it the best choice for #bathtime stories!

Usage tips

Use the sponge by applying smooth, circular movement starting from the feet and up, emphasizing on spots that look like an orange peel

SKU: 500



Performing a deep clean and effectively lifts away impurities


Removes dead cells from your skin while makes it look brighter


Assisting with cellulite medication effectively