TREAT ME WELL “ΜΑΝ” sponge was designed principally for men

A distinctive feature of this sponge is its unique feel while it effectively removes dead skin cells.

Enhances the natural scents and offers the wellness and revitalization men are looking for. In addition, its extremely hydrophilic composition combined with its quality features designate it as an amazing ally in the daily care of men skin.

The unique composition allows it to soften as soon as it comes in contact with hot water. Its ergonomic design ensures greater enjoyment, hygiene and ease of use.

With the exfoliating TREAT ME WELL “MAN” sponge, men care becomes “men case”.

Usage tips

Use the sponge by applying smooth, circular movement starting from the feet and up, to enhance blood circulation and revitalize your senses

SKU: 520



Performing a deep clean and effectively lifts away impurities


Removes dead cells from your skin while makes it look brighter


Absorbs and retains the water, while feels luxurious on the skin.