What is cellulite?

 Cellulite is something that afflicts women, in a percentage of 85% – 98%. It is a kind of local modification of the skin that gives it the so-called ‘Orange Peel’ shape. What happens to our skin is a change in the fatty tissues and circulatory system of the body, resulting in hardening of the connective tissues of the outer layer of the skin. A well-known, but immediately false, myth is that cellulite occurs only in obese. This skin irregularity, on the other hand, can occur regardless of weight, age and gender – although women have a tendency to develop it more easily. There are specific areas of the body that are more likely to develop cellulite, such as the buttocks, stomach, abdomen, calves, thighs and arms – inside.

Which factors favor the appearance of cellulite in the body?

 In general, cellulite is a condition that can affect anyone, but there are factors that affect its faster growth. Some of these factors are the following:

  • Heredity or genetic predisposition: it is established that if a parent has cellulite then the child is more likely to develop it in the future.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes from age to age, physical condition and hormonal instabilities are a major factor contributing to the appearance of cellulite. It is very common for women to show signs of cellulite during or after pregnancy and menopause, due to hormone fluctuations.
  • Malnutrition: Nutrition is not as innocent as we think most of the time, especially when it comes to our bodies. People who consume large amounts of saturated fats, carbohydrates and do not consume enough water are almost certain to develop cellulite at some point in their lives.
  • Lack of exercise: Exercise is not only good for our physical health but also for our mental well-being. It is well known that people who exercise have less cellulite than those who do This is due to the fact that by exercising we burn fat that otherwise would be stored in places where the cells would retain it and display this whim of the ‘Orange Peel’.
  • Sedentary life or long hours of sedentary work: these two are closely related to deficient or insufficient exercise and contribute to the appearance of cellulite in the Especially in the areas that are most burdened, such as the buttocks if one works long hours sitting.
  • Smoking: Research has shown that smoking contributes to the development of many skin conditions, including cellulite.
  • Concerning lymphatic disorders, it would be right to be consulted by your doctor for the treatment you will need.

Ways to treat cellulite

There are ways in which we can get rid of cellulite with small, simple and painless changes in our daily lives, by using the right products.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will help you to get rid of unnecessary toxins through sweating. This will reduce fluid retention in the body which creates partial tightening of the skin and reduction of adipose tissue that would retain the body and turn it into cellulite. In combination with all the above, the exposure to the sun for a few hours a day, not during the hours when radiation is carcinogenic (12:00 pm – 15:00 pm), helps fight cellulite. The UV rays that penetrate the skin act as fat burners while reducing the smoothing skin.

But what will help a lot in getting rid of cellulite is the massage with the appropriate cream and sponge. A cream that contains active ingredients of caffeine, retinol and a loofah sponge can work wonders on your skin.

The loofah sponge is a herbal, ecological and biodegradable product that is friendly to the skin and the environment. It comes from the inside of different pumpkin and cucumber species and its use is measured that comes from ancient Egypt where it was used to maintain personal hygiene of the body. The scaly and honeycomb shape of its surface helps in good blood circulation and prevents damage to the skin. Good blood circulation is, as mentioned above, one of the main factors that cause cellulite. Sponges like these, are offered by the Greek company Treat Me Well, which specializes in the production of sponges since 1954.

The appropriate process that needs to be followed is very simple and fast. We use the special sponge as we want. We can use it before the bath on dry skin, but also in the bathroom, during the shower.

  • Before the bath, we apply a gel, preferably one that contain vitamins A, E, C, F, which is then rubbed with a sponge very gently, in circular motions, massaging the areas that are affected by cellulite. The shape of the sponge helps to eliminate toxins during its use while at the same time it activates the blood vessels offering us a better blood circulation.
  • During our shower, we choose a foam bath friendly to our skin and repeat this process, but instead of gel, we use the foam which is produced and our sponge. After the massage with the anti-cellulite sponge, we can apply a cream with an extract of caffeine on our skin, mountain tea or retinol in order to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure.

It is very important to know that not every single sponge will offer the same results as the Treat Me Well loofah sponge that has been specially designed for this purpose and has a wide variety of options depending on the needs of each person. Surely no one would like to miss the opportunity to choose the best for themselves as, we deserve the best and that is here.