Usually when we refer to soap bars, we have the impression of an unworthy, low quality product, which has nothing to offer to us.

Unfortunately, this has been the case since the soap was commercialized and on the altar of profit the soap manufacturers removed the all “good” ingredients and replaced them with foaming agents and cheap active ingredients. All the above are harmful to our skin and more importantly to the environment.

How do we choose a soap that is good for our skin and also the ecosystem?

Choose handmade soaps with natural ingredients. Always read the label of the product in order to verify if the production process and the product itself are proper.

Avoid soap bars that are made with artificial colors or perfumes, as they contain synthetic chemicals. These should neither get in contact with your skin nor end up in the ecosystem. If you prefer a colored or scented soap, search for the ones that are made of essential oils, natural extracts and natural dyes.

A natural handmade soap due to its natural oils can give you the feeling of hydration and afterwards a moisturizer is not required. This feeling is guaranteed with the Treat Me Well soap bars.

While a soap is aging it has the ability to optimize its qualities, for that reason our soap bars mature in a dry, cool place for 4-6 weeks to eliminate their moisture.

Treat yourself and let Treat me Well take care of your skin.