Did you know that our products do not contain parabens, sls, phalates, propylene glycol?

But why did we choose not to include these ingredients?

Let’s learn a little more about these ingredients that are widely used in cosmetology.


Parabens are a large group of chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products such

as deodorants, shampoos, soaps, etc.

Parabens are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi in your cosmetics and can cause more harm than good.

One of the biggest concerns about parabens is that they not only penetrate the skin, enter the bloodstream

and remain in the tissue, but once they enter the body, these chemicals mimic the effects of estrogen.

  • They affect the skin, cause inflammation, promote premature aging and cause allergies
  • The endocrine system is disturbed
  • Increases the risk of breast, endometrial, uterine, ovarian and skin cancers

But, what about SLS?

The sls is the abbreviation of sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a synthetic oil derivative that creates foam to the cosmetic products. Due to the low cost, many companies had included it in their products and the main reason was the convincing marketing that a good shampoo or shower gel makes a lot of foam!

How many times have we said… oh!what a nice and rich foam that makes a shampoo, a foam bath .. so it cleans well… so it is a good product!

How wrong can we be?

But why should we avoid products that include sls in their list of ingredients?

1) It is the number one culprit for skin irritations. If you suffer from dandruff, dermatitis, mouth ulcers (aphthae) or other skin conditions, it is most likely responsible for SLS.

2) In fact, it is an insecticide and pesticide. Recently SLS manufacturers took steps to join the approved nsecticides but were rejected due to the devastating effects on the environment

3) It releases toxic gases when it is heated. Toxic sodium oxides and sulfur oxides are released when the SLS

heats up, so the next time you want to take a hot shower with SLS-containing products, think it again…

The list of harmful effects is very long but we think we do not need to analyze them further…


Phthalates, or phthalates esters, are a class of compound used primarily as plasticizers.

The problem with phthalates is that they are easily released from the plastics in which they are found, especially when high temperatures prevail in the environment. More immediate of course is the exposure through cosmetics, makeup, skin creams, shampoos and soaps. Thus phthalates, at least in theory, can affect all the functions of the human body in which hormones are involved. This can cause hormonal

disorders with many consequences, the most important of which are the following.

  • They reduce fertility
  • They cause breast cancer
  • They cause diabetes and possibly obesity
  • They are responsible for skin allergies and asthma

That’s why we limit the use of plastic as much as possible and avoid cosmetic products with phthalates.

Last but certainly not least… propylene glycol!

Propylene glycol is an organic compound and is essentially a colorless, tasteless, clear fatty liquid. It is completely soluble in water and one of the main purposes that it serves is as a “vehicle” for products that are applied locally, such as lotions.

The Material Safety Data Sheet( = MSDS: Product Use Map)for propylene glycol is a precaution against skin contact. However, cosmetics that do not use this substance as a moisturizer are rare. The effects of propylene glycol on human health are numerous and worrying. It can cause dermatitis, ear toxicity, kidney damage and liver problems, according to various clinical studies.

Here, in Treat Me Well, we have consciously chosen not to include them in our list of ingredients, so  you can rest easy and use our cosmetic products without fear!

Treasure your body!