Treasure Your Body


#bathtime Stories

Treat your skin with elegance and tenderly

Naturally cleansing

Performing deep clean and effectively lifts away impurities


Removes dead cells from your skin while it looks brighter

pH balanced

Retains the natural pH balance of your skin

Maximum Air Dry

Designed to effectively dry on exposure to air


Absorbs and retains the water, while feels luxurious on the skin

Sensitive Skin

Splendid for hypersensitive skin & dermatological conditions

What makes our sponge stand out?


More than 60 years of experience

Three generations of innovation and development in the sponge industry, to deliver a home-spa experience!

Extremely durable in time

Designed to last even with every-day use. Not only does it last, but also sustains that key features that make it special.

Killer design product and packaging

If you want all your stuff to look elegant and shiny, we designed our product with you in mind! #bathtime

100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly

Almost a century of experience placed in a fancy box, created with materials that respect the environment.

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