TREAT ME WELL “FAMILY” products were designed to appeal to all family members.

The 2-in-1 bath sponge can, every time, adapt to your mood and skin needs. A distinctive feature of this sponge is the blending of gentle massage with exfoliation that it provides.

Its extremely hydrophilic composition combined with its quality features designate it as an amazing ally in your daily care of your skin. Its ergonomic design ensures greater enjoyment, hygiene and ease of use.

The killer product design makes it the best choice for #bathtime stories!

Usage tips

“Devise an exquisite atmosphere in your bathroom, treat your skin with tenderly and enjoy moments of relaxation and stress alleviation.”


SKU: 575


Performing a deep clean and effectively lifts away impurities


Removes dead cells from your skin while makes it look brighter


Assisting with cellulite medication effectively

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Blue, Natural, Red, Yellow