Are you looking for ways to make your skin shine? TREAT ME WELL’s “Anti-cellulite sponge“, designed for every woman, promising to easily and effectively remove dead skin cells, because of its texture, and increase blood circulation, leaving you with a sense of rejuvenation. In this way it helps to treat cellulite and cleans your skin at the same time. Its shape makes it stand out and was chosen to fit comfortably into a female palm to make it easier to use.

The best technique to use “Anti-cellulite sponge” is in combination with hot water, because, the pores are open and the unique sponge composition allows it to soften as soon as it comes in contact with it. So it does not injure the skin, we have a more profound and intense effect and your body becomes smoother and smoother. With the daily use of “Anti-cellulite sponge” you remove the dead cells and your skin looks brighter and more gentle.

In addition, the face needs special kind treatment and care, since it is the daily image of a woman.

Treatmewell anti-cellulite sponge macro

Below are some TIPS for better care:

  • To begin with, if you are dyed remove the makeup before you begin to clean the skin of your face.
  • Then immerse the “Anti-cellulite sponge” in warm water so that its beneficial properties are activated.
  • Start with soft and small circular movements with the “Anti-cellulite sponge” from the neck and slowly climb up the rest of the face.
  • Then apply your day cream or night cream.

A “secret” is that because the face is the most sensitive area, it needs very careful, gentler movements rather than intense because it can cause irritation.

Why use the TREAT ME WELL “Anti-cellulite sponge” for the face?

Pores “work” to clean the toxins during the day and night and if they are clogged, they stop doing their job properly. This applies to all skin types, even if you have a fairly durable outer layer. So the TREAT ME WELL sponge activates and opens the clogged pores and helps you have a more complete face cleansing. As a result, the face shines throughout the day but also at night does not allow the pores to close.

Also try the “Anti-cellulite sponge” product of TREAT ME WELL and you will find that your body and face is shiny and gentle and at the same time more hydrating, deeper cleansing without injuring it and causing dryness and irritation.

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